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Datsun 120Y repair manual

The Nissan Sunny is a compact vehicle built by the Automaker Nissan from 1966 with 2004 plus again because 2006.Datsun 1200 Coupé, B110 Series Confusingly, the "Sunny" name has been employed about alternative Nissan models not piece of the Sunny family,

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The Nissan Sunny is a compact vehicle built by the Automaker Nissan from 1966 with 2004 plus again because 2006. It was introduced inside 1966 because the Datsun 1000 plus though creation inside Japan ended inside 2004, it remains inside manufacturing now for the African, American plus Sri Lankan markets. In the US, the later models were well-known as the Nissan Sentra; inside Mexico, the Sunny is termed as the Nissan Tsuru. The Sunny fitted neatly into the Nissan model line. It was greater than the supermini Nissan March models, nevertheless less big because the compact Bluebird models. The newest versions of the Sunny were heavier than the early models, plus can be considered compact vehicles. Earlier versions were subcompact vehicles. All Sunnys by the 1982 model year chosen Nissan A engine motors.
Datsun 1200 Coupé, B110 Series

Confusingly, the "Sunny" name has been employed about alternative Nissan models not piece of the Sunny family, notably numerous export versions of the Nissan Pulsar model line. In December 1965, Nissan held a nationwide campaign inside Japan with name its latest product inside a mail-in balot, plus following getting over 8 million submissions, the name Sunny was selected following appearing 3,105 occasions plus announced February 19, 1966 by Yoshisuke Ayukawa, Nissan Motors founder.

The initially Datsun Sunny, exported because the Datsun 1000, was established inside September 1966, with 2 body designs, a two-door sedan along with a van/station wagon. These were obtainable in both a "Standard" plus "Deluxe" adaptation, featuring drum brakes, traditional leaf springs at the back plus wishbone kind independent front end. The front end chosen a single transverse leaf spring. In Japan the vehicle was available at a dealership sales channel established simply for the Sunny, called Nissan Satio Store The Sunny was introduced inside the same year which the Toyota Corolla was moreover introduced, plus was equally exclusive with a specific dealership sales channel.

The auto showcased a four-cylinder in-line engine – the A10 – with a total displacement of 988 cc along with a four-speed gearbox. The 1968 model, introduced inside October 1967 put into the lineup the four-door sedan inside both DeLuxe plus Standard shape. October 1968 saw the modern 1969 models introduced with a unique coupé added. Marketed because a "Sunny Coupé" inside Japan, it was obtainable in a broad range of degrees from "Standard", with "GL". The range of factory choices plus accessories was by this time big. Total horsepower inside the 1968 model was stated with be 62 hp at 6,000 rpm.

The different models got modern grilles plus greater tail lights, that today included reversing lights inside the van/wagon model.

The just additional nation which appears with have received the coupé is Australia, where it was advertised because the "Datsun 1000 Coupé". It was effectively prepared, plus was accessible just inside the Deluxe amount of trim. The Australian Deluxe model came standard with countless inclusions that have been accessible just because choices inside the Japanese model. The engine inside the coupé had high compression, a different Hitachi carburettor, along with a double outlet exhaust manifold. These changes improved its force output with 66 hp; a 4 hp, or 6.5% heighten over the lower models. Unlike the sedans plus wagons, the coupé was just ever prepared inside proper drive.
Four-door sedan, back view

July 1969 saw the launch of the somewhat different 1970 model year, that left the 1969 model year run at just 9 months. No extra models were added, plus manufacturing ceased inside December 1969, cutting the 1970 model year run at just six months.

Exported because the Datsun 120Y plus Datsun B-210, the 3rd generation Sunny was very common because it debuted throughout the fuel crisis of the 1970s. Six body designs were offered: the four-door sedan, two-door sedan, two-door hatchback, three-door wagon, five-door wagon, along with a two-door van. The coupé nonetheless retained fastback styling, nevertheless today showcased a full hatchback door instead of the little torso lid of the past generation Sunny. The wagon plus van were not available inside North America.

The Sunny continued with become the fuel-economy leader inside North America plus among the smallest pricey vehicles accessible. This was inside element due with the light metal; little A12 or A14 engine with OHV technologies along with a fairly simple plastic inside chosen inside its construction. At the time, their body designs were prevalent with customers - mostly the hatchback coupé because the sedans were considered by several with be less appealing. American B210s were the initial Sunny's with have the greater 25 mph collision bumpers- due with the US's protection practices at the time. Other markets continued with all the more tightly fit chrome bumpers.

The "Datsun Honeybee" plus The "Datsun SSS" were limited edition B-210s; the Honeybee being introduced just inside North America as well as the SSS inside New Zealand plus Australia. Both just showcased minor artistic variations with the usual B-210. However these models are today considered collector's goods amidst Datsun fanatics.

Despite earlier misgivings, the 120Y, whenever finally established inside New Zealand inside 1974, proven favored with Nissan NZ eventually assembling certain vehicles itself inside a "temporary" CKD plant inside the Auckland suburb of Mount Roskill till its fresh plant inside Wiri was completed later inside the decade. Four-door sedans plus three-and five-door wagons were built nearby plus supplemented by certain coupes imported built-up from Japan.

Although normal creation inside Japan and sales inside many nations ended with all the 1978 model year, the B210 series continued with be yielded by Nissan South Africa by 1980.

The 1978 B-210 with 5-speed transmission was rated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency at 50 mpg-US highway gas economy.

The 120Y was sharply criticized by publications including Wheels of Australia, that felt it available no true improvement about its predecessor, not surprising because the B110 platform was carried over, nevertheless employed a somewhat revised A12 engine. Like some Nissans of the period, it tended with be overstyled.

The associated Sunny Excellents continued because PB210 models, fitted with a 1.4-litre L14 engine. In 1976 Nissan changed the Sunny Excellent from a distinct car model with just a trim-level choice for the standard B210, today fitted with all the 1.6-liter L16 engine.

Road & Track was somewhat important of the B-210 inside their 1975 test. They criticized the "small performance" of the "peppy" engine, however, were impressed with its 27 mpg-US gas economy. B210 pricing began at US$2849 which year.

This chassis created the basis for the S10 chassis found on the Nissan Silvia.

US-market models were fitted with these A-series engines:

1974: A13 engine, 1.3 L OHV I4
1975–1978: A14 engine, 1.4 L OHV I4, many horsepower reviews from 65-85 hp

In many markets, the B210 line showcased because truly the only engine way the re-designed A12 engine. But, inside the South African marketplace they additionally showcased L14 plus L16 engine choices, and a unique edition of B210 coupé badged because a 140Z along with a 160Z. The 140Z showcased a excellent performance camshaft, freeflow exhaust plus twin 40mm Dellorto carburettors, whilst the 160Z showcased twin SU carburetors plus both had 5-speed transmission.

Nissan introduced a Sport Coupe with the line inside April 1971, with all the Sunny 1400 GL/ KPB110. This really is a division of the line a bit here with a series of 1200 plus 1400 vehicles inside Standard, Deluxe DX, GL, plus GX Sport types. The 1400's were not the standard A series engined vehicles, with a 1428cc SOHC engine which delivered 85 or 95 hp, depending about Whether it was built with the Hitachi DCG306 DD carb or twin SU's.

A funny story regarding the "Sport" designation about Sunny vehicles. This really is according with Syed, a Datsun Sunny owner from Pakistan. Back inside the late 60's, Toyota established the Corolla inside direct competition with all the Sunny series. The Corolla had a somewhat greater engine than the Sunny, plus Toyota selected which because a marketing point inside an effort with outsell the 1000cc Sunny. What motorists that forced both vehicles shortly discovered was which the Sunny was more agile plus peppy than the Corolla, even with all the displacement drawback. Siezing about this, Nissan began placing the "Sport" designation about all of the Sunny models because a method of suggesting the "Sunny is sportier than the Corolla".

The 3rd series of Sunny is the 1 that many persons outside of Japan are aware of, the B210 series. The B210 came online inside May 1973, with 2 door, 4 door, 2 door Hatch, plus different Standard Deluxe, GL plus GX versions accessible.