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The Nissan Bluebird is a compact- with medium-sized automobile introduced inside 1957.The Bluebird's conventional rival was the Toyota Corona from virtually the beginning of the product line.It is regarded as the longest-running nameplates from a Japanese automaker.Export versions were available

The Nissan Bluebird is a compact- with medium-sized automobile introduced inside 1957. The nameplate nevertheless exists now found on the Nissan Pulsar-based Nissan Bluebird Sylphy inside Japan, plus found on the U13-based Nissan Bluebird inside mainland China.

The Bluebird's conventional rival was the Toyota Corona from virtually the beginning of the product line. The Bluebird was initially developed with compete with all the Corona, because the Corona was developed with continue providing a sedan selected because a taxi because the Toyota Crown started to develop inside size. Every generation of the Bluebird has been accessible because a taxi, tasks which are shared with base level Nissan Cedrics.

It is regarded as the longest-running nameplates from a Japanese automaker. It spawned the S130 Fairlady Z/280ZX, which spawned the Maxima, the 160J/710/Violet/Auster/Stanza line, as well as the US-built Altima line.

Export versions were available variously because the Datsun 510, Datsun 180B as well as the Datsun Bluebird. The Nissan Bluebird nameplate started appearing about 1982 because the Datsun marque was phased out inside favour of Nissan.

From 1981 with 1985, Australia followed the Japanese convention by phoning its vehicle the Bluebird, plus had a distinctive, facelifted rear-wheel-drive variation for 1984 plus 1985. That automobile was changed inside 1986 by the Nissan Pintara. It will be changed by the successive Bluebird, also known as Pintara, till 1992; then your range was created line with all the Japanese model, for the U13 series from 1993 with 1997. In an unusual twist, caused below the brief lived Button Plan, the Pintara was additionally rebadged for Ford Australia because the Ford Corsair, reviving a Ford UK nameplate last utilized inside the 1960s.

In the United States, the Bluebird was eventually available because the Nissan Stanza. In 1992, the Stanza became the Nissan Altima. Currently, the Bluebird is not available inside North America; inside 1998, the Altima was completely redesigned, becoming a model specific with the North American marketplace.

The Bluebird available inside Europe between 1986 plus 1990 was on the contrary a rebadged Nissan Auster—this was changed by the Primera inside Nissan's European line-up inside 1990.

A six-cylinder adaptation called the Maxima was introduced inside the 1980s plus became a separate model.

Launched inside August 1967, it was the most comprehensive Bluebird ranges inside terms of body styles: a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan, a five-door station wagon, along with a two-door coupé. The "510" nevertheless enjoys considerable fame inside the US.

Like its predecessors, the 510 Bluebird line was imported into New Zealand, this time because a single 1.6-litre, four-speed manual Deluxe model, assembled from CKD kits by Campbell Industries. Local content included glass, radiator, upholstery, carpet, paint, wiring plus many different products. A some automatic plus twin carburettor SSS versions were imported built-up from Japan, mainly for customers whom had access with money overseas plus can utilise the country's 'no remittance' unique vehicle buy scheme with avoid long waiting lists.The P510 sedan plus coupé were integrated South Africa from 1969 with 1974 plus had the L16 engine, accessible because 1600 SSS plus because the single carbed 1600 DeLuxe. An automatic gearbox model was furthermore accessible for the DeLuxe range. The factory additionally prepared 2 versions of the two-door coupé. They were a 1600GL along with a 1800GL. The 1600GL had a single carburetor or twin carbs plus 1800 cc vehicles had twin carbs. The 1600 SSS was furthermore utilized inside motorsport because test vehicles for Nissan Japan. The vehicles were employed inside many motorsport rallies by Ewold van Bergen from Pretoria, South Africa, that had been a test engineer for Nissan Japan.

The Bluebird 910, that was the last back wheel drive Bluebird, showcased easy clean-cut lines, unlike the "Coke Bottle" styling of its predecessor. It did nevertheless retain the same engine range, the same McPherson strut suspension as well as the same 99-inch wheelbase because the 810.

This auto was produced inside South Africa1978 with 1980 also plus was called the Datsun 1600J Deluxe,1800j deluxe or 1800J SSS Sedan that had the twin carb set up along with a five speed gearbox.A staton wagon adaptation with a 1600 cc engine was equally created.The vehicles had the L16 or L18 motors.After a when the vehicles model name changed with the Datsun Stanza.The vehicles were all back wheel forces with strong axle plus coil springs.These vehicles were the last models with have the name DATSUN because the later models all had the name NISSAN due with the globel name change. This vehicle was popular because it reminded individuals of the Datsun P510 models prepared inside 1969 with 1973 inside South Africa.

Nissan started realigning its export names with its house marketplace names with all the 910 series inside November 1979. The 'B' tags were dropped inside favour of 'Bluebird', though the models were advertised because 'Datsun Bluebird' initially. For the export models, a 'Nissan' badge started appearing inside 1981. But inside Australia, where 130,000 910s were built between 1981 plus 1986, the name change from Datsun Bluebird with Nissan Bluebird didn't happen till 1983.

After 8 years the Bluebird returned with the Taiwanese marketplace. Yulon had changed the Bluebird with all the Nissan Violet inside 1971. The brand-new model was regarded as inside a hot class plus was today recognised as the Yue Loong Bluebird 911. Until then, Yue Loong had reserved the 900-series for the greater Laurels. After a facelift, the vehicle became the 912.

Nissan New Zealand assembled many versions of the Bluebird 910. These were shipped inside CKD from Japan, including a top ZX model that has been the initial, plus just, auto with be assembled inside the nation with electrically adjustable Japanese domestic fashion 'hockey stick' back see mirrors found on the front guards. NZ vehicles initially had the two-tone brown interior; this was turned with gray at the mid-life facelift whenever the best model's force outdoor mirrors were relocated with the door mounting today universal now. Japan itself eventually phased out the required wing-mount mirrors which equally recognized thousands of utilized vehicles imported from Japan into NZ inside the late 1980s plus early 90s.

The Bluebird turned with front-wheel drive inside October 1983 yet retained the boxy styling of its predecessor. At the time, Nissan's shape chief balked at curvy shapes plus believed boxy ones might stay favored. With hindsight, which went straight from the trend as well as the market's obsession with drag coefficients. Even though each panel was changed plus many details were considerably smoother, the Cx stayed a very significant 0.39.

The range was available inside four-door sedan, four-door hardtop plus five-door station wagon types. The coupé was deleted, as well as the hardtop sedan is seldom watched outside of Japan.

This model was available inside Europe for just 2 years before Nissan started building the Auster because the Bluebird inside England inside 1986. Certain Bluebird models continued with be available alongside the T12 "Bluebird" inside several markets. As normal, the Bluebird received ample standard equipment inside European markets. In several markets, the petrol 2.0 was just accessible combined with an automatic gearbox.

Although the U11 sedans were changed for the 1988 model year, the station wagon continued with be built till 1990.

The range was accessible with 1.6, 1.8 plus 2.0 L petrol motors. The VG20ET V6 was available for the first-time inside Japan inside 1984, inside a model with an extended front end, called the Bluebird Maxima. This 2 litre V6 was accessible naturally aspirated or because an intercooled turbo. This automobile received the bigger 3 litre VG30 inside the United States plus was the 2nd inside the extended running Maxima line. There were moreover naturally aspirated or turbocharged 2 litre diesels. Counterintuitively, the turbodiesel had greater fuel mileage inside standardized test cycles, presumably due with it being less stressed - because lengthy because you didn't take full benefit of its greater performance.
Bluebird 2.0 GL wagon

Australia created do with all the 910 series, that was facelifted inside 1985. New Zealand advertising for the U11 proclaimed the car because the 'Widetrack Bluebird', with distinguish it from its truly similar-looking predecessor. Many Wiri-assembled models including a wagon were available with 1.6 or two-litre carburettor machines. The alloy head castings all had an unused place for a 2nd spark connect per cylinder, because twin-plug, fuel-injected versions of the same machines were selected inside certain markets with stricter emission regulations.

In the UK, the following versions were offered:

1.8 DX
2.0 GL/GL estate/SGL
1.8 Turbo ZX

The U11 was available because the Yue Loong Bluebird 931 inside Taiwan.

Nissan evolved the boxy form of the U11 somewhat, introduced inside September 1987. This model was available because the Nissan Pintara inside Australia, changing a greater Skyline-based model, from 1989 with 1993. There, it had been codenamed ‘Project Matilda’, leading the hit with speculate it became a vehicle developed uniquely for Australia—which wasn't the case. In Japan, a four-door sedan plus four-door hardtop were available, though Nissan of Australia did create a five-door Pintara 'Superhatch' model that has been available because the Bluebird inside certain export markets, including New Zealand. It was advertised because the 'Bluebird Aussie' inside Japan, marketing complete with a fluffy small koala, Aussie flag below the clock plus different little touches.

Innovations for the U12 included the introduction of Nissan's mechanical four-wheel-drive program, called ATTESA as well as the ever prevalent SR20DET engine was introduced inside the series 2 bluebirds. With the Maxima having been spun off into its own range, U12 Bluebirds were all four-cylinder models, with either a 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 L petrol engine and the possibility of a LD20 2.0l diesel. The sports plus deluxe versions came with a factory viscous LSD. Nissan created a turbocharged Bluebird from 1987 with 1990 called the RNU12, utilizing the 1809 cc DOHC CA18DET that has been available inside Japan plus New Zealand. It furthermore selected ATTESA.

Australian models came with all the CA20E SOHC 2.0l EFI plus KA24E SOHC 2.4l EFI motors. Unfortunately for Nissan Australia, Project Matilda wasn't the achievement it had hoped, even with a twin built for Ford Australia called the Corsair, that was even less lucrative. This led with the collapse of Nissan’s Australian production surgery inside the early 1990s. Many of the early Bluebirds of the generation available inside New Zealand were again assembled nearby from CKD kits, because had been the case with most NZ-bound vehicles because the initial generation inside the early 1960s. The Japanese-made, NZ-assembled vehicles were changed by Australian created U12 sedans at 'facelift' time though the Kiwi-built wagon, a body variant not produced inside Australia, continued. NZ trim degrees included SGS plus ZX; like rival Toyota Australia, Nissan Australia, that ceased regional production inside 1994, was prepared with build uniquely specified plus badged models for the trans-Tasman customer.

The U12 was additionally available inside North America because the Nissan Stanza.

Trim degrees of the Australian U12 Pintara were because follows: GLi: 2.0L guide 5 speed, excellent installed brake light, AM/FM radio cassette Executive: 2.0L car 4 speed, because above and, force steering, remote boot launch T: 2.4L guide or car, because above and 4 wheel disk brakes, tacho, split fold back seat Ti: 2.4L guide or car, because above and limited slip differential, cruise control, climate control, central locking, electrical windows, graphical equaliser, fog lights, alloy wheels TRX: 2.4L guide or car, because above and sports seats, sports suspension, body kit, alert, 6Jx14" alloy wheels Note: All models were accessible because a 4 door sedan plus 5 door hatch, except the TRX, that was just accessible because a 4 door sedan. Note 2: The Corsair was accessible because a GL plus Ghia.

Nissan turned with boxy styling for the U14 Bluebird for January 1996. The American Altima had different front plus back ends, inside keeping with its sports sedan positioning. However inside its house marketplace, the Bluebird was targeted more at customers that favoured the formality of bigger Japanese sedans. But, the SSS trim was retained, though it no longer referred with a really sporting model inside the range. To fit in with a lower bracket in Japanese taxation legislation, the U14 retained a 1,700 mm width.

Many four-door versions of the sedan, including an All Wheel Drive variation, were available. The hardtop, as well as the way of the 1.6 L engine, were removed with all the choice being either the SR18 or SR20. The Nissan Hyper CVT automatic transmission was obtainable in this generation together with standard 4 speed car, 5 speed guide as well as the All Wheel drive 5 speed guide.

The U14 Bluebird nevertheless keeps the Bluebird's sporting history open plus proves with be a prevalent performance sedan with people transplanting inside the SR20DET within the Pulsar GTI-R.

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