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Nissan Maxima Repair Manual

The Nissan Maxima is a mid-size/entry-level deluxe auto produced by Nissan, advertised because the "four-door sports car". The "Maxima" has moreover been used with Cefiros plus Laurels inside numerous markets. The Maxima model line started with all the six-cylinder Nissan Bluebird G6,

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manuals here Nissan Maxima A32 / A33 1993 - 2004 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual: All models. Engines Covered: ● 3.0 liter "VG30DE" Single Over Head Camshaft Vee Six ● 3.0 liter "VQ30DE" Dual Overhead Cam Vee Six ● 3.5 liter "VQ35DE" Dual Overhead Cam Vee Six Does not include info certain with the 3.0 liter "VE30DE" Dual Overhead Cam Vee Six engine selected inside 1993 1994 SE models. Table of Contents: ● Scheduled repair plus tuning ● Single Overhead Cam (Single Over Head Camshaft) engine ● Dual Overhead Cam (Dual Overhead Cam) engines ● General engine overhaul procedures ● Cooling heating plus air conditioner systems ● Fuel plus exhaust systems ● Engine electric systems ● Emissions plus engine control systems ● Manual transaxle ● Automatic transaxle ● Clutch plus driveaxles ● braking obtainable in all hues yet a unique color was accessible just with all the Titanium Edition (Polished Titanium). The last generation Maxima was the basis for the Infiniti I35. In Russia plus Europe the Maxima has been available because Nissan Maxima QX. Toyota Nissan Maxima 1993-2004 Haynes full details

The Nissan Maxima is a mid-size/entry-level deluxe auto produced by Nissan, advertised because the "four-door sports car". The origins of the Maxima started inside July 1976 because the Datsun 810, an upscale six-cylinder adaptation of the Bluebird, plus was spun into its own line inside 1981, having been produced constantly because then. The "Maxima" name was used slowly, beginning inside 1981. Many pre-2004 Maximas were integrated Oppama, Japan, till the active North American Maximas began being assembled inside Smyrna, Tennessee.

The "Maxima" has moreover been used with Cefiros plus Laurels inside numerous markets.

The Maxima model line started with all the six-cylinder Nissan Bluebird G6, that was obtainable in the US because the Datsun 810 from February 1977. With a longer nose than the standard Bluebird, to support a longer inline-six engine, it was driven by 2 versions of the SOHC L-series I6 engine: a 2.0 L displacement for the Japanese marketplace along with a 2.4 L device for the US marketplace. The Bluebird G6 chosen a carburetor for the base model plus gas injection for the stylish variation. The 2.0 L engine was wise for 122 PS JIS, whilst the bigger American engine might reach 125 hp SAE. The stylish variation channeled force by the 4 speed guide transmission. These vehicles were rear-wheel drive plus had a semi-trailing arm back suspension. The station wagon variant, just available inside North America, had the back live axle for weight carrying factors. Many gas injected versions had automatic transmissions.

The 2-door coupé adaptation was introduced inside 1979 together with an outdoor refresh, however a coupé variation was not obtainable in later 810/Maximas. The fresh Datsun 280ZX shared the 810's chassis, though the 810 wasn't accessible with which car's heavier 2.8 L engine. The initially utilize of the "Maxima" name occurred about a domestic Japanese marketplace deluxe variation of the Stanza, inside August 1977.

The initial vehicle with wear the Maxima name was introduced inside 1980 for the 1981 model year. It was basically a Japanese-market Bluebird 910 with a 3.9 inside longer nose to support the inline-six engine. The car was available because the 810 Deluxe or 810 Maxima which initially year, plus all 810s became Maximas for 1982. In 1984, the last year of the initial generation Maxima, American Datsuns started carrying the "Nissan" badge also. Toyota responded with the introduction of the Maxima by providing the Toyota Mark II a more upmarket sibling, the Cressida.

The next generation retained the same base engine because the past Datsun 810 plus Datsun 280ZX. It was moreover accessible with all the LD28 OHC 2.8 L I6 Diesel engine with either a five-speed guide or an automatic transmission.

Many of the force steering pumps were sourced from General Motors' Saginaw Gear division, when others were sources from Atsugi. This was the next Nissan with employ US-sourced components besides the Borg-Warner T-5 transmission employed inside the 82-86 Nissan ZX Turbos. The employ of USA-made components was phased inside before the passage of nearby content regulations imposed by the U.S. Government.

One interesting truth regarding this vehicle is its phonograph-based voice alert program. Warnings like those for a door being open, etc. will be relayed from the mini phonograph plus played for the driver with hear. A usual thing with hear will be, "door is open, key is within ignition." 1981 models were the initially 'talking car' available inside the US plus available just 1 voice alert, a woman voice reminding the driver which the "Lights are about.".

The Maxima was redesigned for the 1989 model year because the J30 model. Bigger dimensions created it the 2nd Japanese sedan available inside the USA with qualify because a "mid-size"; it was furthermore the initially Japanese auto with surpass Japan's 67 inside width limit legislation, creating it very comfortable for 3 back seat travelers. Surprisingly, fat really reduced somewhat within the past generation. Nissan called the modern Maxima a 4-Door Sports Car plus even gave it a "4DSC" window decal showing this. It today showcased a 160 hp 3.0 L V6, with a 190 hp VE30DE engine standard found on the SE model beginning inside 1992. The VG30E was an engine which had been utilized inside the past Maxima, and also the initially generation Nissan 300ZX. An interesting feature was the digital touch entry program found on the GXE, that authorized the windows with be lowered as well as the moon rooftop opened without the key inside the ignition. In the United States, the VG30E engine, that showcased a varying consumption manifold about both automatic plus manual transmission models, was chosen about all 1989–1994 GXE models plus 1989–1991 SE models. This generation Maxima was fitted with an independent back suspension.
1990–1992 Nissan Maxima M sedan
1992-1994 Nissan Maxima

The VE30DE engine was only available found on the 1992–1994 Maxima SE. It became a 3.0L, 24 valve, DOHC engine. Its iron block was topped with aluminum cylinder heads plus showcased a double size intake manifold, varying intake valve timing, coil about connect ignition, and a limited-slip differential. The VE30DE was rated at 190hp @ 5600rpm, 190tq @ 4000rpm, plus had a 6500rpm redline. The SE models is further recognized within the GXE by their white-faced gauges, twisted-spoke turbine wheels, body-colored grille, twin-tip mufflers, factory-tinted tail lights, black trim changing chrome, firmer sport suspension, plus optional 5-speed manual transmission. The automatic transmission about all GXEs was an innovative compact device from Jatco, that showcased 'sport' plus 'comfort' methods which changed at different points. The 1992–1994 SE received an optional automatic transmission which had stronger internals, however kept the 'sport' plus 'comfort' methods. The SE additionally had a back spoiler plus black side mirrors, while the GXE has body-color side mirrors.

During this year, the Maxima was initially introduced with the European marketplace, changing the Laurel. For European markets, the model range was: 3.0, 3.0 S, plus 3.0 SE.

All Australian variants had automatic transmissions as well as the VG30E Engine just. Versions available inside Japan, Europe, plus New Zealand had guide transmission way because an alternative with the automatic transmission that has been standard inside North America plus Australia. The Maxima SE was about Car plus Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 1990.

Another Bluebird Maxima continued about because a Nissan Bluebird U12 plus entirely because a station wagon with all the VG20ET engine throughout this period till the introduction of the Nissan Bluebird U13, as well as the Avenir changed the Bluebird wagon completely.

The vehicle was redesigned again for 1995 because the A32. A fresh VQ30DE 190 hp, 205 lb·ft tq 3.0 L V6 was truly the only engine choice for the North American marketplace. The VQ30DE earned a initial place found on the Ward's 10 Best Engines List, as well as the VQ has today been known consecutively for each year because its introduction. The independent back suspension of the past generation was changed with a lighter plus cheaper torsion bar strong axle program.

The Maxima's main rival, the Toyota Cressida, was discontinued following the 1992 model year, with Toyota touting the FWD Toyota Avalon, a stretched adaptation of the Toyota Camry introduced inside 1994, because its substitution.

The Maxima's outdoor was refreshed for 1997, with fresh 5-spoke alloy wheels, plastic headlights vs. the past glass headlights, a somewhat different front plus back fascia with new redesigned tail-lights, the rear-facing piece of the torso was smoothed out with match the tail-lights, re-designed fog-lights plus badge designs, along with a chrome grille insert for GLE's was added. Among inside changes were a different steering wheel plus CD player. Front seat-mounted side impact airbags were added because a choice for 1998 plus 1999 SE plus GLE models. There were equally structural modifications with better crash worthiness for the 1997 with 1999 models. The 1999 Nissan Maxima moreover saw several minor changes: an Anti-Theft Engine Immobilizer was standard utilizing a chip inside the ignition key, in addition to the '99 Maxima really had certain minor body trims. The '99 Maxima was truly the only 4th Generation available with optional traction control.

The 1999 Maxima SE was equally accessible with a Limited Package that consisted of Titanium tinted SE-Limited emblems found on the front doorways, titanium tinted torso emblems, plus titanium tinted 16" alloy wheels. The inside gauge cluster was equally titanium tinted as well as the optional leather seats were preforated plus embossed with SE found on the backrests. The front floor mats were furthermore embossed with SE-Limited logos.

The North American 1995 Maxima included a Bose Sound System found on the GLE that had a 6 speaker sound program, a Clarion program was furthermore an alternative. The 4th generation Maxima was very praised for the roomy interior.

This Maxima was Motor Trend's Import Car of the Year for 1995. The Maxima SE again prepared Car plus Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 1995 plus 1996.

The 1995 VQ30DE engine yielded 190 hp plus 205 lb·ft of torque. With the guide transmission 0-60 mph took 6.7 seconds with a quarter mile time of 15.2-seconds at 92.4-mph.

A top-of-the-line 1995 Maxima GLE built with a four-speed automatic transmission turned inside a 7.5-second 0-60-mph run with a 15.6-second/89.4-mph quarter mile time.

At the time, the Maxima was 1 of the some four-door, six-cylinder vehicles available inside North America with a standard guide transmission. The automatic became a no expense choice that many Maximas were built with.

This generation was available inside Japan because the Nissan Cefiro A32, that earlier had been its own high specification model with rear-wheel drive automobile. For the Japanese marketplace, a Cefiro-badged station wagon was additionally accessible. One variation of the Cefiro was available inside the US because the Infiniti I30, but the Cefiro had subtle variations including different fog light plans, one-piece headlights along with a limited assorted engine choices.

This generation was equally available because the Maxima QX inside Europe plus different components of the planet, plus was largely identical with the Japanese Cefiro except for minor trim variations.

The 2000 Maxima had been a refresh of the past automobile, tailored at Nissan's La Jolla, California shape studio. The engine had been a 222 hp 3.0 L VQ30DE V6. This variant of the VQ30DE was called the VQ30DE-K. In this variation, there were 3 models. The "GXE" was the base Maxima. The GLE was the "luxury" variant plus had 16 inch wheels. This generation was employed for the Infiniti I30,. The 2001 Maxima is the unique edition of the SE model that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the certain Nissan. Additionally with the routine SE content, this auto has the Infiniti I30's engine, unique side skirts around the lower perimeter, along with a some unique touches with the interior. The last addition involves drilled metal "brushed metallic" pedals, a brushed metallic shifter, plus stainless steel door sill plates which bear the name Nissan Maxima. The optional leather is perforated, unlike which inside the usual SE. Finally, the "SE Comfort plus Convenience Package" including a sunroof, 17" wheels, along with a some additional factors is standard.

This generation of Maxima moreover saw Nissan introduce a Bridgestone-made engine mount with sensors which communicate with all the ECM. Many transmission-like difficulties including 'unable with shift into high gears' resulted from used engine mounts causing data with avoid the car gaining high speed. This issue wasn't usually recognized by the diagnostics performed found on the transmission plus ECM because they were not the reason of the condition.
2002-2003 Nissan Maxima GLE

In 2002, the engine was changed for the entire lineup with a 3.5 L VQ35DE which yielded 255 hp plus 246 lb·ft of torque. Additionally, the model got a slight refresh with a greater grille starting, headlamps with high-intensity discharge low beams, a six-speed guide transmission with optional helical Torsen limited-slip differential lent within the Japan marketplace Nissan Skyline GT-R, revised 17 inch six-spoke wheels found on the SE models, unique 17 inch 7 talked wheels found on the GLE models, well-defined taillights, plus certain inside plus outdoor refinements over the 2000 with 2001 models. In 2003, there was clearly a specialized package called the Titanium Edition with specialized wheels plus inside treatment, and a Meridian Edition package that included heated seats plus steering wheel, along with a GPS navigation program. The Titanium Edition was obtainable in all hues, however a unique color was accessible just with all the Titanium Edition. The last generation Maxima was the basis for the Infiniti I35. In Russia plus Europe, the Maxima has been available because Nissan Maxima QX.

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